2017 Theme “One Community: United”

One Community: United

When thinking about our theme for this year we wanted to work toward something that showed more of who we are, more of ourselves and our LGBTQ community.  As with anyone, we want to strike down stereotype and barriers that people have placed on us, but also those that have been placed on others.

Our 2017 theme “One Community: United” will do just that. It will show those that the LGBTQ community is more than a pre-conceived notion or stereotype. We are your sons and daughters, your veteran, your teacher, or your family practitioner. We are more than a festival, and we have more in common with those in the community who distance themselves because of the unknown.

Because we are One Community, we live on the same street, in the same town, and in the same country, the Mansfield Gay Pride Association wants to work with you and organizations that will help the community.  With bringing in “our” community and helping support “the” community, we hope to show that the “our” and “the” are just words, and that we are one community united in a goal of prosperous health and fortune for all that live with Mansfield and the Richland County.

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